Wellcome to my world!


Clear your mind, look the horizon, take a breath...


Let all your boby feel the art

the layers of colours, the cold and smoth surface...

in your fingertips!


Abstract Modern Contemporary Art

Self-taught artist

inspired by nature         driven by the universe         sorrounded by atmospheric feelings...

impatient, grumpy sometimes
... love to create, to change things, to invent

Touch the surface

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C.romani is also co-founder and active arist on Wood'n Water Artwork and Design, an art manufacturing iniciative focused on exotic forniture - tables, sideboards, art-lamps, sculptures, etc. - based on Curitba Brazil.

Where do I live and work

Curitiba - Brazil

Curitiba is one of the greenest cities in the world.

Multicultural, modern, good wheater conditions, no violence (not mutch!), no pollution, no war!

Smart people, beautiful landscapes, music, theater, respect, good food (very good!), intense night life, parks, cycle lanes, sports, recreation, culture, culture, culture!!!

Love to live here!


It will be satisfacting to hear from you

+55 41 99691-8916

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